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  Talk to us about   your pet feeding          options

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 Advice on Puppy/Dog Training
We are able to give advice on the correct use and fitting of harnesses, collars, muzzles and coats.

  We also recommend the local dog training schools for any ongoing behavioural problems.


  Rescue and Rehome
  We are strongly believe in the rescue and rehoming of pets. Both our store cats Speedy and Cisco are from Sheila's Rescue group.        There are several other local groups if you are interested in adopting dogs and cats. 

  We also take in fish and birds if no longer wanted, Please talk to us before dumping and we will try to find a solution to benefit all.

 Horse care

 Whether Its concerns about health, confused with equipment, or 

 bamboozled on nutrition, we offer advice with a 'keep it simple motto'


​ Poultry and Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Hermit Crabs + Everything inbetween
  We stock a large variety of foods, treatments, cages and toys for all types of pets, small animals, birds and reptiles.


 Aquariums and  Ponds
We stock a large variety of tropical and goldfish, aquariums and ponds, products for water quality and fish ailments as well as fish foods and spare parts for aquariums.

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