Margaret River Produce and Pet

 Purchased by Noel and Careth Clift + Helen Weightman in August 1998 as a Rural Merchandise, Stockfeed and Saddlery. Over the years it has changed focus to also supply a wider range of Companion Animal Feeds and Accessories and Fish.

 Noel Clift
I'm a family man, I've put up with a menagerie of different pets over the years with my wife, Careth and our 2 boys. Dogs, Ponies, Cats and Fish, I've looked after them all.

 I still have a keen interest in local current affairs from when i used to work at the shire.

 AKA The Chook Lady
I'm Helen Weightman, 
I major in all things pet, furred, feathered or finned during my many years I have kept and in some cases bred most types of them.

 I am interested in the health and the nutritional benefits of the feeds available and its an ongoing learning as methods change.

 Head Budgie Trainer
 I'm Shelby Morgan, my job is to look after the zoo, baby sit the owners and chat on all things pet...

 I'm a keen horse rider and pet owner myself so used to dealing with their mischief.

 The Rodent Control Officer

I'm Speedy (don't laugh, i used to be), my job is to convince the mice not to come out while the humans are here.

I came to the store from Sheila who runs the Rescue/Rehoming group and I help to keep the rescue cats company when they are worried. My best friend is...... everyone or no-one depending on my mood.

 The Model

I'm Effee, my job is to guard the bed in the office and to show the humans how dogs like to wear the harnesses, muzzles, collars and coats.

I came to Helen from SAFE in Carnarvon as an 11 mth old and my best friend is a chihuahua called Jackson.

Effee with baby Speedy 2013