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Poultry and Bird Food

 We stock a wide range of poultry feeds and grains, from Chick Starter and  Grower, Layer Pellets and Crumbles and Poultry mixes.  Whether you are after Everyday or High Protein or Biodynamic or Organic , there are so may to choose from.

 With brands Westons, Milne, Ketteridges, Red Hen, Thompson and Redwood, Triangle Agencies, Treeton Produce, WA Consolidated,  Eden Valley and Country Heritage.

 We have all types of Seed and Pellet Feeds, Mealworms and Crickets, Treatments, Toys and Accessories for all varieties of Wild, Avairy, Cage and Trained Birds.

 Budgies, Finches, Canaries, Weiros (Cockatiels), Parrots and even the meat eating bids like Magpies and Wrens are all taken care of.

 If you have a rooster you can't keep we can give you the phone numbers of people willing to take them!

 If for whatever reason, You cannot keep your pet birds, Talk to us about rehoming, DON'T just let them go!

 Don't forget to ask instore, when the next chickens are available or when the next Poultry Auction is.

 If you are after a trained Budgie or Weiro ask the staff, remember it may not be the right season.

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